About us

We have been on the Polish market since 1996 and we are a family company from Pomerania. We specialize in herring products, mainly marinated and salted, but we also offer seafood, algae products, salads and fish aspic In our everyday work we care about the highest quality of our products and their unique taste. If you’re a foodie who loves fish products made both in the traditional way and in modern combinations of flavors – you’ve come to the right place!

With tradition

We treat tradition with great respect. It has nothing better than herring, which my mother or grandmother served in her family home. Therefore, thinking about our offer, we constantly make every effort to ensure that the product that hits your hands is homely, natural. A cuddle like you remember from old family meetings and holidays. We want you to be able to indefinitely silence the memory of this traditional, unique taste and share it with your loved ones.

From passion to heart

We come from the seaside, that’s why fish is our everyday life, nature and passion that surrounds us. We were extremely lucky – now it’s our job as well. Thanks to the fact that few people have such knowledge about fish, we have created a craftsman’s brand that provides everything that is best in fish. Our advantage is an excellent team of people who realize their culinary passion at work. Every day, we all put a lot of heart into the quality of products that are to be found in your home.


Our mission is to provide products that stand out with quality, delicate taste and affordable price. We supervisehow is caught, we select and carefully monitor the production process, guaranteeing products manufactured in accordance with the applicable quality standards and protection of the environment. We are constantly preaching the expansion of the portfolio to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding and conscious consumers. We are constantly expanding, because we want the fish to be served on every Polish table as much as possible. They are a symbol of life, wealth of health and a treasure trove of culinary values. The presence of fish in Polish cuisine is also a tradition that we want to sustain by providing products of the highest quality.


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